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I haven’t converted yet but I cry to Allah everynight because I cheated so my boyfriend has left me

I dont know why i’m writing on here but i feel so so depressed right now and i have nobody else to turn to. I know i have Allah and i should turn to allah but i feel asif i need a human response, if you know what i mean? I’ve been reading some posts on the site and their are so many sisters who have been through hell and back and i feel for them; my situation seems really petty compared to others. First of all i am not a muslim, and when i was in high school and i had a male friend who is a muslim called R, we’ve been friends for years and one day we got intimate and eventualy we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Am I wrong for leaving my husband who abused me emotional and verbally for ten years?

As Salaamu Walaikum, I was in a very emotional and verbally abusive marriage for ten years. I have four beautiful children and Allah knows I tried to stay and deal, but on October 11 I just couldn’t take it any longer. I left and am now in a shelter with my children. He is constantly calling my sister and mother to relay messages to me of how unislamic I am behaving by leaving.