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Could I take off my hijab when I am around my relatives?

The other issue is my family they like my boyfriend but do not want me to cover, they do not believe in it so I want to wear it but not around them. Could I wear hijab and just not wear it when with them?(I do not see them that much). or would that be bad and against religious or cultural beliefs of Muslims?

We wish to get married in future but what should we do know to keep our relationship halal?

We pray everyday for God to forgive us and inshallah that we end up with each other in future. So the problem is we don’t know what to do with each other while waiting. We don’t talk much and don’t go out with each other as much, if we do, we go with friends only. How can we make this work? What can we do in the mean time, while were still in school?

My husband refuses to accept my wearing a hijab

I decided to wear hijab last Jan 2011 after finally increasing my Eman (reverted 15 yrs ago but wasn’t practicing -read my profile) but my hubby felt it was too soon and wants me to go slowly because he doesn’t want the kids to feel I’m being extreme. His identity and he’s not ready to live as a fully practicing Muslim and that my wearing hijab makes a statement about our level of belief that he’s not ready to publically make. He’s also stated that he will feel differently about me (his affection for me) if I decide to continue wearing it. I told him that what he’s imposing on me is sinful.

My father don’t agree to my marriage to the guy I like because he is African.

I have started to grow close to a man who is African. I never thought I would be with an African man before, as being Asian myself its not often the norm. I dont agree with my dad; I feel he’s judgemental and shallow and he even admits to me in his own words that its all about how people see outside not whats inside. I had no intention of a relationship whatsoever and neither did he but its just that as friends we have started to grow closer and I have realised how much of a nice person he is and how well we get along.