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Tribal Laws Marrying Brother’s Widow

Tribal law says that, because children are involved, my fiancé must marry his brother’s widow…

In love with the man who took away my virginity, but parents won’t accept him

I don’t want to lose my family, but it’s haram for them to refuse/reject him just because he’s from another culture.

My father rejected him for culture

In our world, culture and what ladies say about us or our family is so important. Alhamdulilah, the guy I want was rejected by my father for an unimportant reason- culture. I believe Allah created all of us and no culture is better than another.

Abused By Husband’s Family

I feel like I no longer have my husband’s support. I feel that she is controlling us, and me. If I say something about it, I am wrong. I feel so unhappy. If he is going to let her dictate every aspect of my life, then I don’t want to stay with him anymore. I can’t live my life this way. He feels like I don’t want my son to have a relationship with his grandparents, which isn’t farther from the truth. I don’t have a problem with them, I have a problem with being disrespected and controlled.

Should I go ahead with the wedding?

We are getting married in the local mosque, but we are not registering the marriage in the register’s office because he is scared someone will find it out. Therefore, the marriage will not be legal, although for me it’s perfectly ok to be married in front of Allah the Almighty. But the thing is, he keeps being scared of reactions from his family over in pakistan, people losing respect for him, and repercussions against his siblings whom he feels responsible for.

I want my boyfriend to marry me but he is scared of his family.

I told him its OK if he cannot take me to meet his family but only I want is to be halal with him because I know what we are doing is haram but what we can do? We really love to each other; please brothers and sisters; I need your advice please.

In love, but my family won´t accept it

my dad says that he hates that side of the country and the culture he says that he would never be good for me. I’m 15 and he’s 17 and we wanna marry in the future