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Life is difficult with a husband who is not a practicing Muslim

I am sad and lonely and as if there is no peace in this marriage…

My Muslim boyfriend is no more… I want to embrace Islam

My boyfriend was Muslim. Recently he embraced martyred. I want to embrace Islam but if I convert my family will reject me forever.

I think He Is the One, But…

I feel immense happiness when I see him and sit with him as I feel he is the only way out of my life and depression.

My dad wants me to marry one of his nephews from Pakistan

He said that I have to get married from there and if I don’t then he’s finished… How could he want to do this to me just for the sake of bringing his nephew to England?

My mother is going to force me into marriage

My mother said she does not want to go according to Islam and Quran and said that its her final decision that they will get me married to whom they wish to.

I’m being forced into a marriage – Please help me!

I expressed my feelings and they all told me that I either stick with this guy or I’ll end up being sent to my country in the Middle East to get married.

He’s from a different culture…

I do not want to disobey my parents and go against their word, but is it not unfair and unjust that they may say no to me, based purely on his culture?

Want to marry a revert but family won’t accept..

My family won’t accept it due to culture and what other people would think! What do I do?

Getting married to someone from a different culture

Please tell me if I should go ahead with proposing for marriage through her parents, even though my parents right now won’t accept it? I have spent all my life praying to Allah to bless me with a Muslimah wife like her.

Will I be allowed to marry him?

I am very respectful of my parents, so I understand that my partner would not want to do anything to upset his family, but it hurts me when he tells me that he does not know if we would be able to marry and I know he has doubts perhaps because of our different backgrounds.