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Curse of the Mother

She curses my future children and my marriage.

Evil inside family and related

After two days spending at their house my cousin curse me that I could go to jail…


Do they have to bear the burden of their parents’ wrong deeds?

Mother forcing me to commit sins – please help…

How am I suppose to trust my own Mother when she’s not educating me to do the right things, islamically? How am I suppose to trust my own Mother when she is not protecting me from doing sins?

I am afraid I will go to hell

My mother’s bad duas are mentally torturing me!

Cursing abusive husband

Is this her curse that went back to her and instead her beloved brother dies or is it only a coincidence? Can she curse the man and his family who have deprived her n her kids from life?

Will his curse affect me?

He is cursing me. I left him due to fear of Allah, so does the curse affect me?

Constant bad dua from my mother

I have a recurring problem at home. My mother constantly gives baddua. It is very depressing. She will give baddua over everything. If I forget to flush the toilet, baddua. If I forget to clean up my room, baddua. If I text someone from my phone, baddua. If I wake up late, baddua. If I agree with my brother on converting a girl to Islam and marrying her…. baddua. (BTW she hasn’t spoken to him in over 2 years) I think you get the point.

Will a curse said by my brother against me be accepted by Allah

My brother is very messed up and he always swears and says the most foul things. He makes dua against me, and he says somethings which i get quite scared of.

I just wanted to ask about the acceptance of dua against a family member and if i should be worried about it.

Dua against bad dua; love and family

The girl’s parents said that they will give a bad dua if they won’t stop seeying each other. After a while the bad dua started to work. The guy who has become muslim had started an affair with some other non muslim/ kaafir girl and he has got some very bad influence of her, that’s why it seems that the boy leaved Islam behind.