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Being forced to marry but I love someone else

My parents have beaten me, threatened to disown me or send me back to our home country… My father even said he would divorce my mother if I don’t agree.

Black magic or not? How can I stop it?

I have a strong belief that one of these people, maybe my father’s new wife, the ex-fiancee of my husband, or even my own mother have made magic on me. Mostly I believe it’s my father’s wife. She was not satisfied to take my father, she also wanted to make us disappear from his life. And what better way to make a mother and daughter fight every day like dogs?

False promise of marriage – turning to Allah for revenge

Now I turned to Allah for revenge on this man. I offered namaz and gave this man lots of bad-dua. I cursed him. I begged Allah to punish him. This is the first time I have cursed someone.

Conflict with my mother – what should I do?

She wants me to control my husband, I refused and she cursed me.I came back to ask forgiveness but she cursed me to hell. I cried and had a miscarriage that same day.

Why can’t I make any money?

I have very slow income over last 8 eight years. Sometimes, there is no income. Rather there are financial accidents. Eventually, I have become seriously indebted. I have serious problem in concentration particularly on things that are very important for me and my life such as worship, study, work, etc.

I love my wife, but she curses, scratches and bites

I got married 9 months ago. Before marriage, everything was fine. After marriage, she became abusively angry toward me. She abuses me verbally and physically. I love her very much, but it’s so difficult to live with her…