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How long do you wait before marriage after death of parent/family member

I have met someone who I would like to marry InshAllah. Our family have been involved and are aware. The difficult situation is that i am being told that I can’t get married because my mother passed away in October 2009. I have been told that I had to get married in the first 12 months after my mother passed away or after 3 years…

Is it true that we cannot marry until 3 months of no intimacy has passed?

I have been dating a Muslim Man for a little over a year now. I just converted to Islam and we want to marry one another. We have been intimate with each other.

Still unmarried at 28 and my parents are not helping

I am a young Muslim man, almost 28 years old and I really feel like I should be married by now or at least looking to get married. I feel mentally very unsettled and remaining single is affecting every aspect of my life. I am quite happy with the idea of an arranged marriage, but frustrated that my parents are not taking it seriously.