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I went to a party and someone blackmailed me

I’m scared a lot and I couldn’t sleep, I’m overly stressed out and I’m scared I will do something I will regret more greatly.

How can I avoid upsetting family while not engaging in haram?

I have explained to them that I will not be engaging in the traditions such as dancing. They will not accept this and say that they will make me dance on the night. I am afraid that a scene will be created if they do so. I have explained that even to be there amongst the music, dancing and men and women being together is haraam.

Is it haram to slow dance in front of people at my wedding?

Dancing and music is haram, but we all do it. Why should slow dancing at my wedding day be forbidden? Even if its only in front of other women? The only man present would be the groom.

Is a gender-mixed wedding celebration haram?

I would like to know if mixed wedding celebration meaning men and women in the same room is forbidden in Islam and the bride and groom are dancing.