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My dilemma is an abusive but practicing Muslim husband

He has been beating me up much worse than my first husband. He slaps me on my face mostly, and would bruise me all over even when I was pregnant with his son, but he did not hit on my stomach. Once he slapped me on my ear so hard that my ear drum split, and I couldn’t hear for 10 days, after which it self-healed Alhumdulillah! He beats me and uses the filthiest swear words on me in front of our children. My boys 3 and 2 are now saying swear words and hitting me whenever I forbid them from something.

Difficulties in having a straightfoward nikah because of fear of my family

I am wishing to get married this year to my fiancé inshallah, who does not live in the same country as me and is of different nationality. We are hoping to start a life together, and for this to happen we must be married as is dutiful to Allah. However, my own family situation makes it difficult to publicise this and gain the permission of my relatives.