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He has no family

My parents initially said it’s my choice, but overnight they said it’s not a good idea – if something goes wrong, who will help reconcile?

Hoor, polygamy, children…dilemmas of an ex-sinner

Thinking of more women and variety reverses my contentment and harms the frame of mind I have constructed for myself. It feels like greed to me and it reminds me of my past. It doesn’t leave any space for love at all. I just don’t feel comfortable with extra lust.

I want to marry her, but confused about accepting her past

she told me that she had spend couple of years with a muslim boy as his Girl friend. Both did sex many times. Later when she studied Islam & comes to know that its not allowed in Islam, she stopped him. & did TAWBAH. But still she likes him too much, both are in touch as friend only (no more sex).