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Skin color

I am 14 years old girl who sometimes cries because of her skin colour. Sometimes my friend would make jokes like “Who would want you you are a dark skin”…

I always think nobody likes me.

As I am not good looking I am depressed very much. I know Allah created everything upon his will, but yet I am so sad. I always think nobody likes me, although love does not depend on beauty. I feel jealous upon all good looking girls. I am not interested in my studies.

Married to a Pakistani and his family dont know. Will his family reject me as I am dark skinned?

He treats me how a husband is supposed to treat a wife but i am still scared that one day he will leave me, since i have been told and reading that pakistani families look at the colour of the skin. I am brown skin (olive) in complexion and he is very light skin. He has told me that nobody can make decision for him since he is independent.