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I have a baby with a Muslim man and he won’t tell his family

I am a Christian woman and I have been dating a Muslim man for 5 years. We had a baby 6 months ago and he said he wants to wait until the baby is a year old until he tells his family.

Was he just using me all this while?

He told me his parents would never allow him to marry a girl who was not a muslim by birth. Now he says that he wants to break up for two years and during those two years I should convert to Islam and become a practising muslim girl.

I am in love but am I being used?

I believe people should be together with the end goal of possible marriage, NOT casually dating merely for the satisfaction of desires. I don’t want him using me because he thinks I’m some new doll to play with in the meantime.

Christian woman marrying a Muslim man, role and duties of husband and wife

i am not against it but dont know much about the religion and beliefs. what are your teachings on the roles and duties of a husband and wife? most everything i can find online is only biased christian articles. i want the opinions and beliefs from the source.

I’m not Muslim, but I met a very special Muslim girl

I’m not Muslim, but I met a very special Muslim girl. I want to be a part of her life but I want to respect Islam and court her in the Islamic way. We have not had a date yet because she is lesbian. Do I need to see an Iman or leader of a Mosque to get blessed or cleansed before I see her?