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How to forget Haram relationship

I want him to realise his mistake. And I want to forget all this completely.

My best friend claims a boy is in love with her, but they have only talked for 2 weeks. I don’t know what to do.

She’s going against her parents, her brothers and ALLAH and she knows it, but can’t help it.

I’m scared to break up with him

I want to end it and devote my life to Allah… I’m scared of what he’ll do.

Dating advice.

I don’t wanna get into a relationship unless I’m sure. But I really like this guy…

Feeling guilty about a Relationship

My parents do not know about this and they don’t suspect me much either. They trust me too much and it’ll kill me to break their trust.

Please help me

Can someone tell me the solution please?

He used me and left for his mother

i commit suicide for him, he call my mother, my mother got angered and shouted on him to become good man. he turned his phone off and after a week he said he got engaged

I am stuck in this ..

I’ve been in this relationship for almost 2 years, a long distance relationship. We text, talk daily.

Having had a boyfriend…

Would your past relationship be used against you even though you are not in that relationship anymore?

Stuck between love and a prisoner of a horrible phobia…..

I’ll never be able to love again…