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Will I die soon?

I have lost the motivation to live, as I know I will eventually die.

Scared that I’m about to die!

Four years ago I suffered a major anxiety attack, which left me fearing for my life.

Supplications for death

I’m going through a lot of torture and oppression and I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t know what is happening to me

I feel depressed and ill.

Allah does not take me serious

If by my 25th birthday I won’t find relief I will find a way to end my life through the hand of someone else. I will abandon everyone I know and go to a desert where I will make my final statement.

Need help. Seeking death.

If I die, my parents won’t have to spend on my marriage or my needs…

Fear of going to the grave

I’m afraid from it. I keep thinking about it all the time.

Interpretation of dream

Can you please tell me what it indicates?

Question about praying for suicide

I think it is time for me to pray that God soon sends death my way- as this would save both me and my family from grief.

Dreams about marrying an already married man and father’s death

These dreams have disturbed me a lot. Please do help.