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Is suicide the only way left?

I’ve seeked for repentance as many times as u can think but Allah doesn’t love me… if he would have had loved me He would have never let me put myself in this situation…

Need help coping with a loss and turning back to Allah swt

He passed away with a very close relative of mine in a very bad way in the hands of someone else. May Allah swt grant them both Jennatul Fardowse (Allahuma’Ameen).

I want to marry the man my father chose…

My father is no more. He chose a guy for me for marriage… But due to some misunderstandings his family cancelled our engagement and now we both are so tensed.

Asking for Death in Islam

My life is getting worst. Now I am asking Allah for death. I hope he will answer this one. I am planning to kill myself..

How to distribute inheritance after both parents died?

My father died,leaving our mother, 5 sons and 2 sisters. After 2 months my mother also died.

Cursing abusive husband

Is this her curse that went back to her and instead her beloved brother dies or is it only a coincidence? Can she curse the man and his family who have deprived her n her kids from life?

What happens when we die?

Does everybody go through the punishments of the grave?

How can I die peacefully?

I am 15 years old… I need an alternative to suicide. I am suffering.

Death with dignity?

They have been told by their doctor that he cannot ever expect to be better… What are the Muslim teachings about this? Is there some permission to allow a dying person “death with dignity”?

What is my role regarding my ageing Christian relatives?

When they learned I married a “foreign Muslim” my husband and I became outcasts to my family.