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How can I guide a man who once guided me?

He is about to do something unforgivable. And i feel helpless since he refuses to listen to me. How can i help him?

Not happy Marriage

I’ve been married for 7 months. I’ve cheated on my wife already. I’ve been thinking about divorce but I owe her family 40K.

Thinking of Suicide Because of Debt

I am facing so many problems in my life because of loans. I have a total of 15 lakhs in loans now. I totally lost in business, I no longer have any business.

Evil eye (nazar) and financial issues

It’s due to the nazar evil eyes on our money that our conditions have become so bad that father is not able to pay his debts.

Black listed because of family

I have a good relationship with my in-laws but we have two sons and I have to think for them too.

Question about praying for suicide

I think it is time for me to pray that God soon sends death my way- as this would save both me and my family from grief.

Can’t get married…

My plan was to get a job, then prepare an apartment, then propose to her family which is in a middle eastern country. But then everything changed.

I owe a debt and I cannot repay it

Which dua can I make to pay that debt and to support my family?

Does Islam permit working in real estate company that takes loans on interest?

Please give me clear and authenticated views on which bases I can take decision.

Financial worries

I am hearing bank loan is haram, but what can I do for now?