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Secret marriage

I understand man doesn’t need permission from first wife to marry second wife but does he has a right to lie and cheat?

Lying for a better life….is it halal or haram?

There are some people who come to the west by forging their immigration documents… seeking to live in a safer country. Is it halal or haram to lie and forge documents in order to attain a better life?

Years Of Lies…

I have been with the love of my life for 12 years and 6 months ago I found out he has been lying to me all this time. I have told him it is over between us yet he still insists that we will talk about this… He posted on sites for marriage yet he wasn’t willing to marry me.

My wife is mentally ill, but I didnt know till after marriage

I got married in sept 2011. Since then my spouse behaved in different ways .I got lost to find her madness like actions. I tried my best to advice her to mend her behavior so that we can live a happy married life which will lead to our bright future but all in vain .When referred to her parents they were also advising her to behave properly and apologizing us for her rude and rough behavior .

My husband has married another without telling me

My husband has married another woman and I didn’t agree to it

Just found out my husband-to-be has a child

I am engaged to a Muslim man since January 2010. We have know each other for 1.5 years. I am a Christian woman. I just found out he has a 5 month old baby that he never told me about.

I didn’t know that he was married

I met a muslim guy and we started dating. Obviously he told me that he is not married. I started to love him but one day someone called me claiming that she is my boyfriend’s wife. She is asking me to leave him because she wants to save their marriage and wanted her husband back. After that he disappeared and I stopped hearing from him.