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Dad talking to other women, PLEASE HELP I’m depressed

The worst thing of all is that he didn’t EVEN FEEL BAD for doing what he did.

Husband has wanted second wife

Is there any way to give up the pain he has caused me from all the lying?

Confused and doubting…need help!!!

I’m 13. I started doing research on Islam but over the course of my research, some things have really got to me.

How can I forgive my parents after this?

I know Allah has asked us to pardon our parents and ask for their forgiveness, which I do but I don’t know how to move past this.

Need advice in disciplining my 11 year old daughter

My 11 year old daughter is a wonderful kid. But this past week she has stunned me by lying about school detention and today I found my expensive perfume was missing. I went to the school and asked her about it, and she admitted to me that she took it and gave it to her friend. I was so disappointed and heart broken that she has done these decieving things.