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Should I marry my fiance after news of her previous relationship?

I found out that my fiance has had intimate and sexual relations with another. Should I consider her past in my decision to marry her?

Have I made the wrong decision?

I was arranged marriaged to a cousin. After marriage he ran away in the UK somewhere. I met my boyfriend a few years later we have had child through IVF conception . But I still not Islamically divorced from my arranged marriage husband.

Should I forgive her and will she be a good wife

I ‘m in love with this girl she converted to Islam, she said she did it for me because i asked her. At the begining of this year 2011 I went to see her family in her country Philippines, where I met her family and told them about my intension’s that I would like to merry there daughter, they were very happy to meet me as I was..

The Less Religious she Gets the More Worried I am about Getting Married

The story begins many years ago when I had become friends with a girl in my class. We quickly became good friends but because of the religious difference between us, we were friends and nothing else.

I can’t make a decision about this proposal

A few months back I was asked by my sister how I would feel about getting engaged to the middle son of my aunt, Z. At first I was angry at the fact that how could my family think of such a thing at the same time bringing us up together so my reaction was a No, I was really upset at that time.