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I have to decide between two proposals…

I don’t rely on my own decision making because I have made some not-so-great decisions in the past.

I had negative Istikhara, my uncle positive, any ideas?

I have done istikhara for my marriage and got a negative reply in my dream. but one of my uncle did it for me and said nothing is wrong. I don´t know what to believe. I don´t feel like accepting…

What is Islam’s perspective of ‘giving up’ on something?

Hi, I am turning 19 this year and even though it is a new year, I feel no sense of starting afresh due to what I am currently going through. After Secondary School, I manage to enter a well recognized Institution and a course which every parent would be proud to brag about. However, ever since I entered this course, my life took a turn, but for the worse.