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I’ve Gotten Physical with a Guy

I regret it but also feel the desire to do it again…

I need to take my mind off of it

I am engaged but only feel physically attracted to him once in a while… I feel attracted towards a female – my own sister.

Losing control of sexual desires

I have been in a relationship with a guy for one year. Before he came to my life I been addicted to masturbation. I asked allah to help me and allah send me him.

I need help to avoid an illicit relationship

The physical part of my marriage is almost over and slipping into an illicit relationship with this woman is so easy…..

I want a physical relationship with my boyfriend now.

I am interested in kissing with my boyfriend… I cannot wait long years.

Lesbianism…Will Allah forgive me?

I became her girlfriend, like a real wife and we stayed together 24/7. It lasted a few months and then she started ignoring me and broke up with me. I am repenting but want her too.

What are female rights to sex?

Please tell me my rights as a female on sex? Is it wrong for a female to ask for sex? I also need tips in how I can make him more attractive and intimate with me…

He has left me because I don’t speak the language his mother understands

I know he will not change his decision and that she is the one he wants and no matter how much I beg him and want to be with him he will not be with me because he wants someone who can speak to his mother in his native language. This hurt me because I have been trying my best to learn his language but it can not happen over night.

Porn and masturbation have made me lose confidence

Whenever I am angry, I feel lust, lonely and nobody is there for me. I have negative thinking that many people are committing a greater sins than I do and Allah will forgive me even after I commit it. I masturbate to stop those urges, but now I am fed up by my behavior; I just can’t live like this.

I cannot stop my lust for her

There is a woman in my acquaintance, whenever i see her i feel lust for her. i have tried all possible ways to stop it…