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So confused… was this Allah’s will?

Some days I get really depressed and ask myself why did this happen?

Fate and sin

If our fate is written on shab-e-miraj then everything that we do is written by Allah…?

He won’t propose marriage, says to depend on fate

He’s afraid to tell his parents about us, so wants to leave it to Allah now. He says it is out of his hands and we should depend on fate.

Secret Nikkah!

Was me having my Nikkah with him in my kismet? I don’t want to leave my family and I don’t want to leave my husband.

Marriage – destiny or in my hand?

Is marriage in my destiny or in my hand or is it already fixed? I am 28 yr old and still un-married.

Regretting something in life.

Firstly, is there any dua that can help me cope with regret? Secondly, I need know, is there such a thing as “destiny made by Allah” or do we all make our own destiny? In other words, have I altered my whole life (negatively) by calling the wedding off? Or was I never destined to end up with him?

Why do people divorce and what happens to divorced couples in the hereafter?

It is said that the marriages are settled in the heavens and couples meet together in this world, but then why do the couples separate by divorces?

The man I wanted is marrying someone else; was it divine destiny?

Did I get sick because it was predestined that this man would meet the other woman and they would get married? What should I do to stop being depressed and feeling like my chance at marriage has slipped away because of my own actions?