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End of the relationship but seems no way out

I don’t know how to move on…

Arranged vs love marriage – I can’t compete

He told me everything. That sooner or later he will leave me. Go home to his country and get married there. That’s why he is stopping the relationship now. I can’t. I don’t like. I would die.

My husband is daily calling to some escorts

I can’t bear this. I don’t know why he’s doing like this because I treated him like my prince, I gave him whatever I can?

Looking for hope, I’m losing my love

I want to get him back and apologise many times… I’m sorry dear, I want you back, forgive me

Marriage to the girl I love – out the window

Her mother very quickly shot me down due to my background which was from a single parent family and my family had black magic done on them in the past.

My Soon-to-be-wife has left me suddenly, And I am still deeply in love with her.

Is Allah angry at me, Is Allah punishing me, Is Allah displeased with me? That the one wish, the one dream that I had. Can’t come true for me?

I’m devastated, I miss my dad!

I feel so scared and alone. I miss him so much my heart literally hurts, there are no words to describe how I am feeling my dad meant everything to me and loved me so much. I always try to keep myself occupied with prayers and reading quran. I dont know what else to do. I would just like some advice from my dear brothers and sisters on how I can get through this?