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Is she doing wrong?

My mother treats her mother very harshly and rudely. She’s fine with everyone else.

My husband do not work

He is not feeling his responsibility that he should also do something.

Hiding health issues affect marriage in Islam?

Can someone please tell me this will be a reason for marriage to end?

My husband is diabetic

It’s been so many years since we had intercourse. I don’t want to separate because of my kids. What should I do?

They refuse to let her marry me because I’m diabetic

Her family would say to me “you are like a son to us”, but when they found out about my condition they totally changed. They have made me feel so under-valued just because of my diabetes. I really want to be with this girl and she wants to be with me. She would call me upset that her family will not let it happen, and they will not listen to her that she is happy to marry me. We met the right way, and both families have met, we got along and everything has totally changed.

Diagnosed with diabetes and parents want me to lie

I have been diagnosed with diabetes and my parents want me to lie about it if any proposal comes. I have tried to explaining my mother that its wrong but she wont understand.

I received a proposal but I am afraid of taking a decision

Salams .
I am a 21 yr old female. A dentist by profession coming from an intellectual family alhamdulillah. The problem with me is over the years I have started feeling I am very dark esp. when I go into a crowd of beautiful girls, as a result I feel very inferior and cry every night this makes my parents very unhappy