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I don’t want to be with my husband

We do not hug or kiss it has been 4 months since we married and we have not consumated our marriage.

Force Marriage and Divorce

My family think that I am agree with this marriage. Please guide me in the light of hadith and shariah.

Problems in marriage

My husband is continuously forcing me to get pregnant. I didn’t even want to get married…

Should I get a divorce?

I know if I ask my husband for a divorce he will fight me on it because he doesn’t want to lose me, but oddly enough he doesn’t want to work on keeping me.

Force Marriage – Is it Valid?

As per for me it was only signing on a paper… nothing more than this.. I felt like I was being killed by my parents!

Rejecting His Proposal Was A Huge Mistake

When my parents asked me whether I agree to the proposal or not, the only answer that came from within me was ” No”. Since that day I have been regretting it and praying harder for Him to come back.

Did I hurt my ex-fiance, his family, and especially my father?

How can I get rid of that feeling that I hurt a lot of people, do you think Allah will punish me for this?

I’ve tried, but I don’t love my wife

I don’t love her, I don’t even like her voice, and when I see other girls I feel like I could have married them instead. I feel so sad for both of us. She knows that I don’t love her, and she is seven months pregnant, but still I don’t call and talk to her.

Unhappily married to an older man… feeling trapped.

Our views are worlds apart. As a wife I should love, but I just can’t.

I want a divorce from my wife and want to marry this other girl who I have been in relationship with.

I am in a situation which is very troubling. Eight years ago I got married to my mother’s identical twin sister’s daughter from Pakistan. For all these years I have put on an act so my mother remains happy. We are not able to have children & last year I became exhausted of living a lie. I met a girl with a beautiful heart and good intentions with whom I and she instantly had a spark and connection with. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with my twin babies & this is when I had to tell her I was still married. I left her with no option but to abort.