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I got khula from court against my husband but my family is forcing me to live with him. Is my khula valid?

I got married in march 2007 to my maternal cousin. This was a forced marriage as I didn’t want to get married. But my parents emotionally blackmailed me, my husband, his mother and my mother promised me that he won’t demand any physical relation until I complete my education. I agreed on this base. I was abused sexually, physically and psychologically by my husband and my parents. I asked my husband to divorce me but he refused. Before seeking khula I spoke to my husband and told him that I cannot fulfill his sexual needs as hatred fills within me whenever I see him and all the issues between us and requested him to divorce me.

I still love my ex and want divorce but my husband and my parents don’t understand this.

I wanted to marry someone else who I loved deeply. I couldn’t mention it to my parents back then because I knew they would never agree to it and also they will be very distant and sad because of me. My husband refused to dissolve the engagement because he thought I was being illogical or maybe because of social pressure. I can’t mislead my husband anymore. I can’t even tell him I love someone else. I got so frustrated just after one year of marriage that I attempted suicide. And now by the end of 2 years, I find myself on the someplace that I want this marriage to end or else I will do suicide again, the person that I used to love is still single and willing to accept me if my husband divorces me.

We both are married but we still love each other and been intimate together. Please help

Until one day, I decided to marry the girl I just met, thinking that the other one is so far from me and long distance relationship most of the time don’t work. Then she couldn’t believe that I got married; she cried I caused her pain which she carried out for years. Even if she really loves me, she doesn’t like to be my second wife. And sometimes she have the guts to ask for a divorce. Until one day, I received a divorce agreement from her family, asking me to sign the papers. Yesterday, she got married and I told her, just pretend that you have your monthly period to avoid having intercourse and tell him that ramadan is also coming. The main purpose is to avoid confusion later on if who’s the father (if she will able to conceive).