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I have no love for my husband – I want to take divorce

I know even if I decide to live with my husband ,we can not carry this relation for long. I want to take divorce and marry the one whom I love!!

Secretly in love with a divorced Muslim man; how to approach him?

I think he doesn’t want to be indecent towards me. He asked me once if i have found a partner and i said no. Then he said he feels ready to move on but doesn’t know much about courtship. I guess that was a hint but i do not know how to react. Please help. This is a man i have serious feelings for and that is why i feel even more nervous.

Questioning relationship with my mother during difficult divorce

My mother was and still is a very aggressive and controlling woman. If things do not go her way she lashes out verbally and passively. Ironically I married a man with exactly the same traits.