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I want to reconcile with my wife, who claims her parents blackmailed her

On the one hand, my wife says I am not intimate with her in bed, while on the other hand, she claims her parents emotionally blackmailed her to divorce me. I am confused!

I delayed intimacy with my husband due to my in-laws but now regret it

Although we have moved out of my in-laws’, I still think about how much pain they gave me, and how they wronged me. This is affecting my marriage.

Can’t take this life with my in-laws

Me and my husband have decided to move out of his parents home. My husband broke it to his father and his comment was, “Are you going to abandon your mum and dad?”

Living with the in laws

I need your dire help in advising me as a Muslim how to deal with my ongoing situation. I have been married for 3 years and I love my husband dearly and his family. However, I have maintained sabar and remained steadfast with my difficult in laws.