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Muslim man with hearing impairment

I am facing a challeng in finding a wife due to my physical impairment.

I hate my life, myself, feeling hopeless, sad depressed.

Ever since I was born I’ve been going through Hell -like life in this world where even my parents haven’t paid much love and attention to me.

Mother in law making herself dependent on me.

She is turning over all her chores to me…. she is putting the burdens of her house on me.

I don’t understand the method of liking someone for marriage in Islam

If a person have deficiency or is disabled then there are 90% chances they would not be accepted by a normal person. But there are stories about such people finding beautiful and caring partners…

Emotionally and physically tired

Is there anyway that I can re-energise myself? Get me to not feel that death is near and things are coming to an end? Is this a normal thing to feel, after going through so much in such a short time?

Death with dignity?

They have been told by their doctor that he cannot ever expect to be better… What are the Muslim teachings about this? Is there some permission to allow a dying person “death with dignity”?

Is Hysterectomy Permissible In This Case?

We often exchange greetings and smiles but I could never bring myself to ask her about the details of her daughter’s condition. A lot of women have advised the lady to get her daughter’s hysterectomy done since there is no hope regarding her marriage. My 2 questions are:
1) is the removal of uterus permissible in Islam for such people?
2)Jannatul firdaus is for prophets, martyrs, scholars and the righteous, which category do people fit into it?