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I want to pray regularly, help!

Aslaamu alaykum, I hope you all are fine. I am owais. I want to pray 5 times nimaaz daily, but I can’t- even though I am always free. What should I do so I can pray 5 times? Thank you. -owais

I can’t stop doing things I know are wrong

I am 15 and I live in Singapore. I really need help in my life.
I masturbate a lot of times, smoked before but I quit it, drank beer once cos of curiosity, lie to my parents, I don’t pray,

Need advice in disciplining my 11 year old daughter

My 11 year old daughter is a wonderful kid. But this past week she has stunned me by lying about school detention and today I found my expensive perfume was missing. I went to the school and asked her about it, and she admitted to me that she took it and gave it to her friend. I was so disappointed and heart broken that she has done these decieving things.