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Concealing my sins

I am worried my mom will find out. I have hidden it from her but somehow she always gets these dreams or feelings of exact things that I hide from her.

Should I ask her about her past in detail?

I want to get know about her everything… will it be good for me to get know about her past?

Guilty for my past sins

I know that if I do tell my husband the truth, he will ask for a divorce and this breaks my heart.

Blackmailed by my ex – my father will kill me

If I will not come again into his life, he will destroy my life, he will tell everything…

My mother in law embarasses me in front of my family

I have talked to my husband regarding his mother’s bad habit but he thinks it’s nothing wrong with it. He’s not realizing what i have to face later…

Mistakes in the past…

I’ve repented and I just want this issue to go away, I don’t want this to go further or hurt my family.

Told The Truth and It Backfired

I need advice as to whether to go ahead with a hymen reconstruction surgery or should I wait until I am sure I will marry? Should I leave myself as I am?

Worried for my marriage

My husband came across a message I sent to my best friend… He says my actions made him feel betrayed, hurt, under appreciated and that I ruined the trust he had in me.

My sins have made me depressed

I was forced to do sins. Now I am thinking about that incident… If my parents know about my past, they will hurt a lot.

My fiance left me after relations

I am thinking of not getting married ever as it would disclose my secret. I am confused, lost and disturbed.