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Concealing my sins

I am worried my mom will find out. I have hidden it from her but somehow she always gets these dreams or feelings of exact things that I hide from her.

Relationship before Marriage and semi-nude pictures

I’ve no idea what to do, how to repent and I’m scared of Allah not forgiving me. When I get married, do I tell my husband?

I have a problem with masturbation – can I ask my father for help?

Can I talk about my problem with my father so he can help me with this? I want to get rid of it. Can I consult a doctor?

I had sex when I was 15, now I cry over my sin

I had sex when I was 15 (I’m 18 now). I have cried over my sin almost every night for the past 3 years. I have hurt myself, but most of all I have hurt my Allah (SWT).

Should I tell him about my previous relationship?

Guys i need help!!! My fiance asked me a while ago if i have ever dated a guy or been in a relationship before and i said ‘no’ and then he asked me again today and i told him ‘no’ again however it’s not true.