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Lying, drug-using husband wants me to move to Iraq

i have been married to my husband for 6 years and it has been an awful marriage. He was a failed asylum seeker from Iraq.

Controlling insecure husband

Prior to marriage, he would tell me that he was very strict and promised a life based on Islam. After marriage I found it was only me who he wanted to cage in with him free to do as he pleases.

Lost all respect and love for husband after I caught him cheating

I discovered that my husband was flirting with girls on Facebook from the day we were married. Emailing, phoning, talking dirty… I have lost respect for him and have no love for him.

Husband being secretive and I’m worried

I am a newly married sister whose going through a difficult time. I have asked Allah (swt) for guidance but i dnt know much about islam unfortunately and want to seek advice about my husband. We’ve been married for 4months and as of lately he’s been extremely secretive about his life. I dnt know anything for sure but i just have this gut feeling something is wrong.

My husband may be sleeping with his ex-wife

Last year I found out he had married another european (non-muslim) woman a year earlier and that she was now pregnant (she emailed me and ‘let the cat out of the bag). In her email she said dreadful things such as my husband was dangerous, he had threatened to kill her, raped her, she feared for her children…