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Disturbing thoughts and urges – What’s happening to me?

[Editor’s note: Potentially triggering content – please be aware prior to reading that this post is about distressing sexual and violent thoughts.]

My parents refused him my hand but he keeps bothering me; I am extremely stressed.

I love my parents but they do not want to even hear his mention, ever. And as a human being, I do not want his life to be in vain and wasted in this horrible manner. I fear for my honour and my family’s. I am in extreme distress.

I’m constantly battling over whether to wear hijab or not

My question is on the topic of taking a Hijab. I am Allhamdulliah 5 times daily prayer person and I try my best to complete whats commanded to me but over the past couple of months I have been thinking alot about taking the Hijab. I think maybe now its being more pressured on me because most of my friends take it and me not taking it has been causing me so much distress