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My husband wants divorce but won’t give me talak?

I want to know what are my rights if the husband refuses to verbally give the talak. I am unable to contact him and he has now moved away.

I want to revert and divorce my abusive husband

In my country there’s no annulment grounds for our marriage since battery and absence is not a valid ground for annulment.

I Can’t Forget therefore I Can’t Forgive

I left but, 5 months later he came back asking me to forgive him I prayed and prayed asking Allah to help me, and in one Dua i asked Allah that “if this person is right for me then. To open his heart to Islam”. A week later my boyfriend contacted me saying that he wanted to revert and marry me. I jumped at the chance thinking that if Allah could forgive him so could I. We got married Allahumdulliah, but i’m still stuck in the past.

We argue and fight, I don’t want to live with him anymore

i want a divorce but when i spoke to my mom about him treating me that way she refused to believe it and said be patient. i try to be patient but my heart is completely closed. i’m forced to act as if im happy 24/7 and its eating me inside out.

He Divorced Her Out Of Anger, Then Divorce Happened Through Court – Can I Marry Her Now?

I have proposed her and she has accepted it. Having said this, I am faced with some social and legal issues here. In a society where financial and social position matters a lot, marrying a divorced or widow with kids from a lower class is considered a taboo, especially for an unmarried man of my age.

I was shy to tell my cousin that I loved him; Now I have married another man

I always compare my husband with my cousin, coz my cousin is my ideal. he is my that cousin in the world, infront of whom, my little things are most important. because of tension i was not able to eat, it was too much tension (that why did not i tell him during engagement

Should I follow my husband to his home country or should I not?

I married my husband about three years ago. Before we were married he had made it clear that he wanted to go to the country of his birth eventually, but the time line we came up with was 10years. In fact his older brother even made the statement that his family was available to make him see sense if he wanted to move sooner.