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Do I have to be friendly to my child’s father’s family?

When I bring my daughter over, they invite me to come inside.  I truly want to leave their home because in my heart. I’m still hurt and I cant even smile be happy when I’m there.  I feel like it might be rude to just drop off my daughter and leave. Is it wrong for me to do that ?

My Story – Forcefully Divorced

If I could get into the house I used to fall on his feet and ask for forgiveness and I used to beg him not to divorce me… but still he forcefully divorced me.

He has no family

My parents initially said it’s my choice, but overnight they said it’s not a good idea – if something goes wrong, who will help reconcile?

Why divorce?

I cried that please don’t give me divorce but he sent me a divorce letter by whatsapp… I want to kill myself…

Mild ED – Should I marry?

***This post relates to male sexual dysfunction.***

Divorced but can’t get over my ex husband

I’ve been divorced for 7 months now. And I’m still not able to forget him… I feel like ending my life.

I’m Scared to RE-MARRY after a disaster marriage!!

My inner confidence is very low but I know this is another test for me and I pray to Allah swt for sincere help and guidance with tears wallahi and to you brothers and sisters for sincere help

Help me.. I love somebody but he is getting married to someone else.

I don’t want him to marry someone else but I know he won’t go against his strict parents.

Can a divorced women marry brother of her Ex Husband?

I heard of such incident so I want to know the fact.

Wedding gifts taken back from me

I heard you cannot do this in Islam… the idea of such act really disturbs me.