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Married and divorced all in 3 years

I need to be happy but I don’t know how to do so.

I am divorced and want to marry

I feel inclined to my friend or you think its too early to get into another relationship?

Should I take back my ex-wife?

Should I do again nikah to her and accept her with all the sins she committed?? Or should I move with my daughter…??

Wife Divorced me because of my Anger!!

I realize how rude, harsh and stupid I talked to her. I want to call her and apologize but can not as her family have history of violence, so I do not want them to bother my mom and sis back home.

Does my future husband have to know I was intimate with my first husband?

After 1 year of our nikah we had intimacy secretly… I am divorced now – can I hide this from my future husband?

Should I go back to my first husband?

I am scared as if I do go back to him then my family will get more angry with me.

Is my mother divorced or not??

Isn’t there supposed to be a iddah that my mother is supposed to do? If my father says it again will she be completely divorced and he can’t have her back?

Whether to remarry or not?

My husband divorced me 6 months back as soon as he got his residency. My mum says I should not remarry now and live alone with my daughter all my life.

Family issues confusing marriage

I wanted to marry him but my parents refused. He’s divorcing his wife. He has proposed to me again and I’m confused as to what to do as he is related to my family and so is his soon to be ex wife.

I want to restore my family’s honor… But should I tell him about my past?

He knows I am divorced that’s all. I am very fearful of telling him that I was married to a white man. I feel my past will never leave me alone.