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Cross Roads, divorce no.2

I felt ashamed that this is the second marriage and I could not save it no matter how hard I tried.

Masturbation for divorced women?

If a divorce woman do masturbation sometimes is this haram? I read that it’s haram for unmarried women but what about divorced women?

Tests and obstacles to marrying again

I am now starting to feel that there is no one who will want to accept me. I lose my hope and become depressed.

Troubled… who should I choose?

My parents said if I wanted to have any relationship with them I would have to divorce my wife. If I choose my parents I lose my wife – if I choose my wife I lose my parents.

Want to marry an older, previously married lady

The girl has been doing ishtekhara also and things looked positive until his sheikh came along, so what should she do now? She has told him to do ishtekhara the correct sunnah way, but he still asked this sheikh because his father said he is a religious and God fearing person.

Can I choose my own husband after getting divorced?

Finally he came back after 2 years… Then he divorced me. Since I’m a divorcee now is it permissible for me to marry without anyone’s permission… I am scared that my parents will choose the wrong person for me again.

Can a divorced woman marry without her parents knowing?

I am in love with a man. We have been friends for 10years. We live in 2 different countries and have kept in touch via emails and calls. We are both Muslim alhamdulilah and have the same background. But he has a child from his previous marriage, and because of this my father will never approve.

In-laws not returning my jewelry after divorce

I got married in 2001, I soon found that my husband was a A-class drug and alcohol addict who would often hit me. However I did not want to give up and for 6 years I tried everything to help him. During this time he stole from me and beat me alot. I was the sole breadwinner he did not work and then in ramadan 2007 one day I came back from work and he was drunk and started hitting me. I begged him to stop as I was fasting but he did not.