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Forced into marriage by my parents

I told my parents I don’t want to marry… but just that wasn’t an enough reason. They’re saying “if you dare say to anyone that you’re being forced…”

My family knows about my relationship and do not approve of the person I love and want me to marry someone else – what should I do?

I know any way I will be hurting someone and therefore thinking about any of the solution doesn’t make me happy.

Help me, I don’t want to marry my cousin.

More than anything I wish for a husband who at least have knowledge about Islam but my cousin he lacks even in the deen department.

Why I am being Misunderstood?

i fear what will happen in future, how will I live and die, i wish Allah should give me peace of mind and being understood by others.

Breaking off engagement

I feel like he’s not the one but I don’t want to be wrong because overall he’s a good guy in other people eyes “perfect” guy but not for me.

Istikhara said yes but I don’t want to marry him

My family is pressurising me to say yes. They are telling me that you won’t find anyone else and it’s better that you marry him because no one would marry you.

My dad wants me to marry one of his nephews from Pakistan

He said that I have to get married from there and if I don’t then he’s finished… How could he want to do this to me just for the sake of bringing his nephew to England?

Arranged Marriage – Emotional Pressure

My parents are forcing me to get married. I have respected them all my life but I am trying to convince them that I will not be happy.

Please Help Me? Forced Into Marriage..

My brothers or family don’t listen to no one and my older brother is willing to kill me and go to prison for 30 years these are his own words so it makes it very hard for me to even do anything when I’m living in this fear 24/7 of being killed at any time by my own family.

He became Muslim for me but I feel we shouldn’t get married

If I leave he is gonna leave Islam so I will be sinful for that…