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I’m losing my mind about my husband’s double standards

Do I deserve what I am going through? Am I a complete failure to Allah?

Double Standards with Muslim Men

I told him to go find someone with a big round butt like all the supermodels he keeps seeing on those stupid newspapers that he keeps reading so much. He says he would be glad to and why is he stuck with a “disgusting person like me”…

Controlling fiancé

I am to be married in a month a few weeks, I talk to my fiance through the phone… I realized that when he marries me he is going to control me so much, he already started telling me what I should not do..

If he is not a good muslim himself i.e does not pray 5 times and has commited zinaa am I to follow what he commands. He says I should not pluck my eye-brows and he wants me to be covering my face when I go out and I agreed to this cuz I do not like arguing..