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If husband has doubts about his wife; what should he do?

If a person has doubts about his wife, what should he do to put an end to these doubts by means of certainity and finding out the truth, and getting rid of anxiety and worry that are caused by that?

I want to marry a married man but I have doubts

I am a Muslim sister who is about to get married, but the problem is that my husband to be has already a first wife and I don’t want to give him up as I love him so much. Now I have a doubt if this could affect my marriage to him inshallah.

Is it possible for a married Christian woman to marry a Muslim man again?

I am married Christian woman. I have a Muslim boyfriend now. I love him and he proposed for marriage to me. I agreed to him but I have doubts if it is possible for me to marry again to a Muslim man.
Is it possible for us to get married?

He says I am not good enough as I am, that I need to change

Sometimes I think about just giving up on my dreams and marrying someone who wants me to stay home and be a house wife but then I don’t want to live a life of my mother as her life is not that beautiful either.

What is the difference in choosing a non-practising Muslim to marry over a non-Muslim?

If Mohammad (sallalallahu alayhi was sallam) had interfaith marriages be it with people of the Book what makes it wrong to be with people not of the book?

How do I perform Istikhara?

    I was told by someone that after Isha prayer, say two nafal and then recite YA-KHABEERU 100 times and then go to sleep. Can be done for 7 day, if required. Is that a way to perform istakhara.

My sister in law and my husband, rumours in my family

While my brother was away one day my husband was showering when my little girl gave me his mobile phone. I looked through and found a odd message it was a man’s name when I checked the number I recognised it as my sister-in-law’s.

I’m confused if she will be a good trust worthy wife.

I’m in love with this girl since 2009, we met and i really liked her, she’s from philippines and she works in a hospital in middle east. I’m from South Asia lives in Canada. We used to meet every few days for six moths then I had to moved to another city and she also went back to middle east but we kept in touch through Internet …

Marrying the guy who cheated on me.

I’ve been with my boyfriend(now fiance) for close to 10 years. We got engaged recently in nov 2010. I found him cheating on me, early last year. It was hell. He wanted to end the relationship and choose to be with the girl he cheated on. The girl gave me hell…

My friend is in a haram relationship, how do I approach her?

My question has to do with the islamic faith. I have a friend who is involved with a muslim man (arabic). When they met (they met online), he did not inform her that he was muslim. He also didn’t tell her what his real name was…instead he “americanized” it. He seems to lead a double life in the sense that he acts one way around his family and then another way around his friends.