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Husband can’t divorce because of dowry, how can we get past this?

‘m a Doctor and have been married for a year. My husband married me for the sole reason that I will be an earning hand for him and his family. He never admits this but his behaviour is evident of this statement. By the way, he and his family never told us the real reason.HE wanted me to live with his family, work, earn, while he is away.

No dowry, is my marriage still valid?

My Imam informed me that my husband would have the right to receive back my dowry (mahr) if I went through with the divorce. When the Imam asked me what my dowry was, I told him there was none. Actually I never was asked for my dowry price nor was I allowed to set it.

Am I allowed to keep the jewellery which is not the part of Mehr if I get divorced?

I am a 26 years old girl married for more than 5 years now. my question is if I get divorced by my husband, do I according to Islamic law have to return them all the jewellery that I received from them on my wedding? It was not a part of haq mehr but normal bari jewellery. Please let me know! thank you.

Husband keeps our marriage a secret from his family

I live in North America and reverted to Islam 7 years ago, Alhamdulillah. I was married twice before but not to Muslims and do have children from these previous marriages. My children are older now and grown and although they respect my religion, they themselves are not Muslim. I signed up on a Muslim marriage site and the response was overwhelming but soon realised that most responses were from visa seekers or men seeking a second wife.

My husband is a good man, but has no interest in Deen

At the time I got married to him he said he doesn’t drink and he was smoking but he gave up. After I moved to Australia he started again. He doesn’t drink all the time but occasionally at office parties and entertaining their non Muslim cousins at home.
It’s written in out marriage certificate that he is giving Sri Lankan Rupees 50000 as mahar but he never gave. How important is that?

My parents will not consent to us marrying because they say she is poor

I am a sunni muslim who is deeply in love with a chaste and pious muslim woman. I am established person. My parents aren’t agreeing to marry me with her as they say that those people are poor and they didn’t respect us by giving best foods when we went to there home. Also that they won’t be able to give Jahez and they won’t be able to support to financially.

Married, pregnant and abandoned by my husband

I know suicide is haram but what should I do, I have this SNAKE baby. I can’t sleep, eat, am a dead body walking around. I dont want to keep this baby, for it has same blood as him. I need answers. Why did this happen, after all we did for him. His name is S.S. from Brooklyn New York. Why did he do this to me? Why did he use me? Ya Allah why? Why? I can’t move on. I can’t.

Cannot return the Haq Mahr to ex-wife

I was married for a period of 2 years. Out of the blue when I was not expecting my wife left me to America with her father. I tried contacting her but there was no reply. I filed for divorce, and eventually I got it even though she did not sign the paperwork. At the time I wrote her a letter to send her haq maher (her dowry – some jewelry) to her, as she left it behind. but she did not reply. I asked her to come and collect it from my home.