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I feel like my death is near, and it’s really scary

Lately I’ve been having this feeling like the death angel is about to show up and take my soul and it’s really scary. This happens everyday, and I don’t like it.

What do my dreams mean?

Can you please tell me the meaning of these dreams?

What does it meant if we see a jinn as our boyfriend in our dream?

I saw a dream last night. i was in someone’s house , many people were there but it was not very much crowded also. then suddenly from somewhere a guy came towards me, who was my boyfriend in this dream.. his name was najeel.

Should I repeat the Istaikhaarah as the Dream I had was after Fajr?

I would like to tell you a bit about my views. I m very pessimistic from start. I could harldy imagine that things will go in my favour. couple of months ago I also saw few dreams which scared me more, in one i saw him geting married with someone else and saying me ‘see i made you fool’

I had a dream I got married to someone besides my husband

I had a dream lastnight that I got married to someone else and I was very happy and was in love.

Confusing Ishtikarah; What should I do regarding my dreams?

Can anyone help me please? Is it ok to keep on doing the namaz again and again without getting any clear answer (be it in dreams or through events)? What more can I do? I will accept what Allah has planned for me, but its really awful not knowing what to do, it’s a state which I do not wish for anyone to be in.