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A dream explanation needed

I need help with a dream… the thought of it bothers me.

Dream meaning about girl praying like men.

We think she is eligible for my brother… what does this dream mean?

What does hiding of plants indicate in istikhara?

We interpreted that it’s basically my fear but with the passage of time I’m feeling that I did not interpret it correctly.

Dream of being hugged by someone I know

I thoroughly feel that this dream would mean a lot to me in the future…

In a haram relationship, negative dream but ready to marry someone else

A proposal has come for me… I decided to see this guy behind my boyfriend’s back. I started to have second thoughts about my current boyfriend…

Saw someone else in Istekhara

For one of the proposals I did istekhara to find out if it is good or not – but saw someone else in the dream.

Dream meaning?

Please help me and tell me what does it mean – am I in trouble?

Looking for my husband and daughters in a dream

I’m worried. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Interpretation of isthikhara dream

I saw the guy in my dream he has entered my home wearing full purple clothing.

Dream about getting married to one I love

I saw a dream that me and my love got married to each other and we are happy…