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I Promised Allah about wearing the Niqab, but my parents don’t want me to do so

I promised Allah that I would wear the Niqab because Allah is my reason to be who I’m today. But my parents don’t want me to wear it. Even though some people said that the Niqab is not required, I still want to wear it because our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wives were wearing it.

My mother in law wants me to wear abaya at home

Salaam aleykum,

Thank you all for helping me with my previous posts and I appreciate your understandin ! I wanted just to ask: is it needed to wear abaya in front of my in laws?

If a woman does not wear a burqa, is she bad?

In my family, most of the women wear the burqa. When I was a teenager, they suddenly started forcing me to wear the burqa. They went to everyone’s house and said that I haven’t started wearing so I’m bad. I did not want to be forced into anything, I wished to accept it with my heart.

I’m a girl in 9th grade, can I still wear skinny jeans to school?


I’m kinda new to this I’ve never done anything like this but I have so many questions regarding the hijab and stuff like that.