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Can I relax my clothing when I am home alone?

I’m a married woman and me and my hubby live at an apartment all alone. I pretty much stay at home all day long and do chores and all.

Marrying a woman unsure of her religion, what should she wear?

If I marry a women that is unsure of her religion how does she have to dress at the wedding?

If you neither pray nor cover are you Muslim?

Are you still a muslim if you don’t pray or wear the hijab at all?

Husband won’t allow me to wear niqab

We have a disagreement about my right to chose to wear the niqab.

I have felt this tugging at my heart for years, even bought a few almost 4 years ago to secretly try. I decided that I was not strong enough then to wear it SubhonAllah. However since then my heart &knowledge for Islam has grown 10 fold. I completely feel ready to wear niqab InshaAllah.

When I approached my husband about it he said absolutely not. I have tried to soften his heart but he says now is not the time. I’ve cried over this too many times.