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Should I divorce or stay in this marriage?

My father knows a bit about our difficulties and suggests we separate not divorce. I am worried that wont solve my problems as I am now at the end of my tether.

Trust Issues

Can there be a marriage without trust?

Husband on drugs

Without home, food, money how can I raise my daughter?

How can I change my life?

I’m in drugs, I drink, I had sex a couple of times, but i’ve done taubah and i wont be doing that stuff anymore.

I need help with my life

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know even if I am still considered as a Muslim.

Addicted to drugs – I feel like I will die

I have preserved my prayers and I am doing extra salut el istighfar for Allah to forgive me. I have physical symptoms that make me feel that I am going to die and that is it I who ruined my life. I cannot live anymore, I just want to make Allah happy with me. I became weak one day and am frightened to death of Allah.

My family is suffering due to my husband’s addiction. Can I turn to Islamic Exorcism for a cure?

It’s not possible for me to leave him or divorce him coz I have a baby. I don’t have enough support to live alone. My parents can’t give me the financial support. There is no one who can help me to bear my nd mine baby’s expense. If i divorce him where i will live?

I have tortured an animal and I am sick

One night i smoked 4 grams of marijuana and ate an ounce of mushrooms until i was hallucinating to the point of no return. i couldn’t see chairs or tables. It was like walking in the dark. I came upon two mice that were caught on a trap. I took needles and filled them up with alcohol and injected them to the 2 mice i continued to do this until the mice died. After sobering up i was disgusted and horrified at what i did. i cant get the image off my mind what should i do?