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Should I re-marry my drug addict ex-husband?

Everyone in my community is encouraging me to just remarry him for the sake of my children and keeps telling me I can never remarry another man and trust him with my girls.


I need help with my life

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know even if I am still considered as a Muslim.

Drugs, Zina, Apostasy and Shame!

We begged her to come home to live right and to stop taking drugs but she wouldn’t budge and then she turned to Christianity, going to church etc!

Addicted to drugs – I feel like I will die

I have preserved my prayers and I am doing extra salut el istighfar for Allah to forgive me. I have physical symptoms that make me feel that I am going to die and that is it I who ruined my life. I cannot live anymore, I just want to make Allah happy with me. I became weak one day and am frightened to death of Allah.

Stress is eating me from inside, how do I handle this?

I just feel so much negative is happenning around me that I have no time to catch my breath and say elhamdulilla. I just try to pray, and while praying I find myself just crying. I don’t want to study engineering, but im doing it for my parents’ sake.

I converted to Islam and my husband is a drug addict; can I remarry a Muslim man?

Its been 5 years i didnt see my husband and until now his not yet working n always asking me for money and i’m so tired of providing for him and my family said his just making me a fool. he didn’t pay the money for our debt and he just waste everything. now i decided to go my separate way.

My Wali was my husband’s friend, who lied to the Qadhi that he was my brother. Is the Nikah valid?

My husband and me married secretly. I didn’t have wali that time that’s why my husband’s friend acted as a wali of mine. In my marraige the imam who read our marriage and the friend of my husband was present. No one else was present. Is our marriage valid?

Husband not practising Islam and is using drugs

My husband used to be so passionate about the deen. He is unemployed for a year now and has been using drugs. He promises to stop or go to rehab but hasn’t tried at all.