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Is it haram to pray that she falls in love with me?

I´m 18 and in love with a non-Muslim girl, I make dua every night that Allah softens her heart and she becomes Muslim so I can marry her.

In sha allah my hopes will be fulfiled by the power of duaa.

I have heard in Islam if you love someone you should ask for them in prayers. I love him so much and I fear I might lose him.

Dua for love

Is there a dua to increase the love between spouses?

I need a dua’ to get back the boy I love

The guy got engaged to someone else, but I can’t live without him. Kindly guide me and suggest me a dua’.

Dua for getting married to the one I love?

Is this wrong to pray for their breakup and his marriage with me? Please tell me some duas…

I don’t know what to do next. Please help me!

Everyday I cry and pray to Allah to just get her to love me and agree to marry me.

I love my cousin but he gets angry very quickly and stops talking, any duas please

I pray five times a day and recite Holy Quran and various duas Alhamdulillah but every time he becomes angry; I become sad please pray for me and suggest me dua in Arabic.

Dua for having true love for someone in my heart

i want a dua for having true love for some one in my heart?