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Dua for marrying a girl whom I love

I want you to give me a dua, that she be mine forever and that her parents would agree for our marriage.

16, in love, and trying to stay on the straight path…

I really like this girl. I’m avoiding the whole girlfriend/boyfriend path as it’s haraam. I do dua that in the future I will marry her. Will Allah make this dua true?

I need help to marry a boy of my choice

It’s kind of a one sided love story at the moment. I really like him and know I won’t get a better life partner than him.

Proposal confusion – what should I do?

My parents want to go ahead and say this is the last option I have… but I can’t seem to find a solid reason to accept him as a husband. I know it is Allah who knows everything and I should eave everything to him, but I have to give an answer.

I need a dua to get married to the boy whom I love

We both are Muslim, we are from same country, same state only district is different. And his parents dislike that I am from another district.

Please recommend a strong dua for my daughter

I am so much worried. I want to get my daughter married as soon as possible and there is a boy whom we want our daughter to get married. Please suggest me a strong dua so that my daughter get married to that boy as soon as possible as that’s where she wants to get married.

Wazifa to convince my family to let me marry a girl?

i am in very serious relation with a girl and can not live without her. i want to marry her but my father and my brother do not agree because my cousin liked that girl before. so plz tell me such wazifa by which my father mother brother all get agree and want me marry that good girl.

dua to find a good wife?

aselam aleykum. please tell me the best duaa to find a good wife.

– Abubaker